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The Genshin Impact In Another Land quest is a world quest. It is a task that in which players will assist Ayaka. This quest can be obtained from Alrani, who is standing outside of Outlander Affairs Agency in Ritou. This article shows how to complete the ‘In Another Land’ story quest of Ayaka and help her in completing her research on Inazuma for an academic paper.

Take a photo of Eipekkusu and its owner

When the quest begins, your first goal will be to “take a photo of Eipekkusu and its owner.” The Eipekkusu shop is located on the island of Ritou. After the cutscene, you must follow Ayaka and photograph the Eipekkusu shop and its owner.

In the following scene, Kaede (the shop’s owner) walks up to the Traveler and Alrani. After speaking with Alrani, she will express her dissatisfaction with being photographed.

Take a photo of Syavushi Bakshesh Shoppe and its owner

Continue to follow Alrani to Syavushi Bakshesh Shoppe and photograph the shop and its owner. In the following scene, Vahid (the shop’s owner and also an outlander) walks up to the Traveler and Alrani. 

Vahid, who is an outlander himself, advised Alrani that The Outlanders Affairs Agency is wary of outlanders, so remember to be a little more circumspect while doing your research. If an outlander gets into trouble, it will be difficult for them to get out of it.

Go to the wharf and take a photo of the fisherman

Now your next objective is to take picture of a fisherman. Continue to follow Alrani to the wharf and take a picture of the fisherman.

In the following scene, Obata (the fisherman) suspects Traveler and Alrani activity and threatens to report it to the Outlander Affairs Agency. Vahid arrives and assists them after noticing their condition.

Talk to Vahid

Head back to Vahid who is standing near his Syavushi Bakshesh Shoppe. Speak with Vahid to understand the situation.

Help Alrani gather cooking ingredients

Your next goal is to assist Alrani, as Vahid asks a favor in exchange for assisting Alrani in obtaining a travel permit. If you already have the item in your inventory, open the item submission menu and select the items listed below. Here the quest end.

  • The Traveler needs 1x Fish, 1x Rice, and 1x Seagrass

Vahid’s Kneaded Onigiri is a Quest Item obtained after completing the World Quest In Another Land.

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