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International Travel Log is a world quest for Genshin Impact 2.0. The guide explains how to obtain the quest, where to begin the International Travel Log, the rewards, and the location! To obtain the ‘International Travel Log’ World Quest, you must first speak with the NPC named Midori in Inazuma City. 

Midori is a small girl who is looking for stories to share with her friend. To begin the “International Travel Log” quest, speak with her in Inazuma City. You can find her standing near the Tomato plantation on the northern outskirts of Inazuma City. You can refer to the below map to find the Midori location. This article shows how to complete the ‘International Travel Log’ world quest and aid Ramsay finish his story.

Talk to Kozue

As the quest starts, your first objective will be to “Talk to Kozue”. Go to Komore Teahouse and speak with Kozue who is standing outside. She’ll tell you that Ramsay is in the teahouse.

Talk to Ramsay inside the teahouse

When you enter the teahouse, you’ll find Ramsay in one of the rooms. While speaking with Ramsay, he will admit that none of the facts in the travelogues are true. Even though some locations and characters are based on reality. The majority of the content is based on his imagination. Ramsay also informs travelers that the man in the hallway has bad intentions toward him. He invites you to accompany him outside in search of inspiration.

Go to the nearby beach

The traveler agrees to accompany Ramsay to a nearby beach so that he can be inspired to finish his travel journal.

Walk around the beach & Talk to Heihachi

You’ll be asked to walk around the beach. Talk to Heihachi who is hiding behind the rock. Talking to him will trigger the next part of the quest.

It looks like there is a glitch in the International Travel Log quest. You may observe this glitch while doing the objective “Walk around the beach & Talk to Heihachi”. Heihachi doesn’t respond while trying to talk. In case you get this bug follow these steps:

When the dialogue is over with Ramsey. Switch into walking mode without moving. Walk straight to Heihachi who is hiding behind the rock. The objective will then change

Talk to Ramsay & Go to the waterfall north of the city

Ramsay will ask you to go with him to the waterfall north of Inazuma City, near the Byakko Plains. The location is marked on the map. Near the waterfall, you will encounter three hilichurls that you must defeat and talk to Ramsay again.

Go to a safe spot

After defeating the enemies, Ramsay will tell you to go to a safe spot.

Go to the summit of the nearby mountain

Ramsay will ask that you accompany him to the summit of a nearby mountain northeast of Konda Village.

Return to Komore Teahouse

After the cutscene head back to Komore Teahouse. Ramywasy will tell you that he needs a or two days to finish the main story of his travelogue.

Talk to Midori

Leave the teahouse and you’ll see Midori waiting outside. Give her her Travelogue “Travel around Teyvat in Eighty Days”. Here the Quest will end.

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