The Callisto Protocol – All Collectibles Guide

The Callisto Protocol is a survival horror video game developed by Striking Distance Studios and published by Krafton. It was released on December 2, 2022. The game’s story follows Jacob Lee who is sent to a prison facility set on the planet Callisto fighting against infected prisoners while uncovering dark secrets of the facility. The game has 43 Data-Bios Collectibles to get all non-combat trophies. There are also 27 trophies to collect in the game.

All Data-Bios & Implant Bios by Chapter:

Below are links to all Collectibles by Chapter, there are 8 Chapters in total:

Chapter 1: Cargo – 1 Collectible

Chapter 2: Outbreak – 3 Collectibles

Chapter 3: Aftermath – 8 Collectibles

Chapter 4: Habitat – 7 Collectibles

Chapter 5: Lost – 8 Collectibles

Chapter 6: Below – 5 Collectibles

Chapter 7: Colony – 7 Collectibles

Chapter 8: Tower – 4 Collectibles

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