Tsurumi Island: All 17 Electro Seelie Locations | Genshin Impact 2.2 Puzzles

There are 17 Electro-Seelie to be found in the Tsurumi Island of the Inazuma region. Seirai island was introduced in Genshin Impact 2.2 update on 13th October 2021. On finding a Seelie you need to guide it to its court and you get an award. This article shows the locations of all the Electro Seelies in Tsurumi Island and how to solve the Seelie Puzzles.

1,2,3,4) 4 Electro Seelie Puzzle

There are 4 Electro Seelie at the highlighted location in Tsurumi Island. You have to chase them near the sealed precious chest at the center to unseal it. Electro Seelie 1 is at the crack on the mountain wall at the location shown in the pictures below. Dig the ground inside the mountain crack to reveal the Electro Seelie and chase it near the sealed chest. Electro Seelie 4 is behind a thunder barrier. Summon Electrogranum from the plant on the east side of the barrier and use it to get inside the barrier to get near the Seelie and chase it to the chest. Electro Seelie 2 & 3 are very easy to chase to their courts.

5) Mt. Kanna Electro Seelie

There is one Electro Seelie at the highlighted location in Mt Kanna. Chase the Seelie to its destination to reveal a common chest.

6) Shirikoro Peak Electro Seelie

There is an Electro Seelie at the highlighted location east of Shirikoro Peak. As you go near it, the Seelie will move through 5 pillars. You have to hit the 5 pillars with an electro attack in the order the Seelie touches them. The second picture below shows the sequence in which you need to hit the pillars. This will complete the puzzle, revealing an exquisite chest.

7) Relay Stone Electro Seelie Puzzle

There is an Electro Seelie at the west of Shirikoro Peak. You have to use this Electro Seelie to solve the Relay Stone Puzzle at the location.

8,9) Lightning Strike Probe Electro Seelie Puzzle

There are two Electro Seelie in Tsurumi island that you have to use to solve Lightning Strike Probe Puzzles. Click here to see the guide to solve these Lightning Strike Probe Puzzles.

10) Wakukau Shoal: Octave of the Maushiro Electro Seelie

You can get this Seelie during ‘Octave of the Maushiro‘ World Quest. During the quest, you will get the objective to ‘Solve the mystery of the stones‘. Left to the stones, you will find a purple statue as shown below. Use the Peculiar Pinion gadget on the purple statue to reveal an electro Seelie above it. Chase the Seelie until it reaches its court.

11) Wakukau Shoal: Stone Slate Puzzle Electro Seelie

This one is in Wakukau Shoal at the location shown below. below. Use the Peculiar Pinion gadget near the Thunderbird Statue to reveal Ishine Scripts on 5 stones nearby and an Electro Seelie. Chase the Seelie and it will take you to another Thunderbird statue at the lower level as shown below.

12,13,14) Shirikoro Peak Underground: Murals Electro Seelie

Three Electro Seelie will come out from the murals in the Shirikoro Peak Underground. Click here to see how to solve the mural puzzles and the location of the three Electro Seelies’. These three Seelies’ will give you a Luxurious chest.

15,16,17) Shirikoro Peak Underground: Ligthning Stike Probe Electro Seelies’

To reach the locations of the probes, you will need the ‘Peculiar Pinion‘ gadget, which you will get during ‘Octave of the Maushiro‘ World Quest.

Jump down to the Shirikoro peak Underground. Turn left before going through the first door as shown below.

Then turn left and go down. here you will see a wall with a Thunderbird picture on it. Use the ‘Peculiar Pinion‘ gadget in front of the wall. This will make the wall disappear revealing a secret room.

Inside the secret room, you will find a room with a few Lighting Strike Probesand three Electro Seelie around it. This puzzle is a bit difficult and there is no easy trick to complete it.

When you go near a Seelie it will move near another probe. You have to activate three probes using the three Seelies’ and activate the fourth Seelie by getting electro charge from the Seelies’ and standing in front of the Probe. On solving the puzzle, a precious chest will spawn.

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