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Dreams of Sword Art is a World Quest for Genshin Impact 2.0 in Inazuma. The Dreams of Sword Art world quest will begin in the Tatarasuna area

Speak with Nameless

You need to search for Nameless Samurai. To begin this quest, travel to Kannazuka Island, located in the middle of Inazuma. He is just north of Tatarasuna’s southern Teleport Waypoint. Head south up the mountain until you find a small camp with a blue-robed samurai you can interact with. 

Defeat the Nameless Samurai

He’s lost his memory, but not his passion for swordplay. You will also fight the samurai after he has finished speaking with you. The fight should end in 60 seconds.

Talk to Nameless Samurai

After defeating him, some of his memories will return, and he’ll ask you to find two children’s swords, but he will be able to give only vague instructions about its location.

Clue: “… they lived in a hut in the fishing village to the north… the hut was under a cliff and surrounded by sea on all sides. They would take the steps behind the house to the slope to spar… Their blades might still be there

Blade Location: Search for the blade mentioned by the Nameless Samurai

There is no marker available from this location. You must rely on clues to find the location. The clue directs you to a small island on the west side of the Kujou Encampment. On the northwest shore, you’ll find a building; climb the steps and go behind the house to find a sword and a family letter. Pick up both and bring them back to Nameless. Check the location on the map for reference.

Give him the Blade to nameless samurai

Return to Nameless and hand over the items “A Discarded blade” to him. Defeat him again in 60 seconds.

Wine Location: Ask the Soldier about the Wine

Nameless will then remember he enjoyed drinking wine and give you another set of clues.

Clue “I remember that we were inside a great encampment. Men armed and dressed in armor were all around us.

When you arrive at the Kujou Encampment, look for and approach the Shogunate Samurai named Matsuraida. He can be found in the camp’s central area, to your left if you’re facing the main building. Talk to him, and you will receive a Jug of Wine as a result of your conversation.

Give the wine to nameless samurai

After receiving the jug of wine head back to Nameless for another fight in 60 Sec. After defeating him he’ll again point you towards another clue. This time he’ll say the following:

Clue – “I… I fled here from the tidal flats in the northwest. That was where the battle took place

Search for the blade mentioned by “Masanori”

This time, you’ll be given a direction marker to the southeast of the Nazuchi Beach region. The sword is upright in the ground in the middle of the broken wreckage. Pick it up in the same way you did the other one. Return to Nameless, who has been renamed Masanori. Defeat him again in this multi-stage battle within 150 sec and speak with him after the fight. The quest will be completed!

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