Lost Ark: Quest, Collectibles, Puzzles Walkthrough

Lost Ark Guide and Walkthrough

Lost Ark is an open-world MMO Action RPG, in which you explore a ruined city infested with zombies. The game was also released in North America, South America, and Europe on February 11, 2022. Lost Ark is primarily focused on PvE and exploration (questing, achievement/collectible hunting, crafting, etc.). Players start by customizing their character which they can then level up by completing the storyline. This page acts as an index for all the Lost Ark guides on our website.


A Nose for News

The Stone of Power

The Forest Where Fairies Sing

I Can Hear You

It’s Okay Miss Fairy

Many Islands, One Legend

The Totoikis’ Dream: Creation

The Totoikis’ Dream: Fragrance

An Important Record

Fragrance And Fish

The Scent of Blood

Tragedy Written in Stone

Elegy of Serenity


Song of Resonance

Forest’s Minuet Song


Respect Emote

Polite Emote

Frustrated Emote

Sway Emote

Boss Location

Wili Wili




Chaotic Chuo


All Island Token

How to find the limited-time island

Map hidden on Little Luck Island

Map hidden on White Wave Island

Secret Mokoko – Available only on HARD difficulty in Phantom Palace

Phantom Palace Chess Puzzle Solution

All Yudia Vista Locations in Lost Ark

All Yudia Hidden Story Locations Guide

Where to find 500-year-old Mera Wine

How to get Destruction Stone Fragments

Island Mokoko Seeds

Runaways Island

Peyto island

Azure Wind Island

Lullaby Island

Sunflower Island

Toto Silver Island


Tooki Island

Panda Island

Twilight Isle

Kalthertz Island

Glacier Isle

Slime Island

Notos Island

Opher, The Lonely Island

Golden Wave Island

Fortuna Island

Death’s Hold Island

Rethramis Mokoko Seeds

Ankumo Mountain
Aquilok’s Head [Dungeon]
Aquilok’s Tail [Dungeon]
Rethramis Border
Toxiclaw Cavern [Dungeon]

Yudia Mokoko Seeds

Morai Ruins [Dungeon]
Ozhorn Hill
Saland Hill
Sapira Cave [Dungeon]

Luterra West Mokoko Seeds

Battlebound Plains
Bilbrin Forest
Brilliant Ridge [Dungeon]
Gray Hammer Mine [Dungeon]
Medrick Monastery
Mount Zagoras

Luterra East Mokoko Seeds

Blackrose Basement [Dungeon]
Blackrose Chapel
Borea’s Domain
Croconys Seashore
Dyorika Plain
Flowering Orchard
Lastra Forest [Dungeon]
Leyar Terrace
Luterra Castle [City]
Stormcry Grotto [Dungeon]
Sunbright Hill
Tomb of the Great King Luterra [Dungeon]
Wavestrand Port [Town]

Tortoyk Mokoko Seeds

Forest of Giants
Mokoko Village
Pirate Den [Dungeon]
Seaswept Woods
Skyreach Steppe
Sweetwater Forest
Tortoyk’s Heart [Dungeon]

Anikka Mokoko Seeds

Bleak Edge
Bleak Edge [Dungeon]
Delphi Township
Foul Hollow [Dungeon]
Jeok’s Barrier [Dungeon]
Melody Forest
Moonmist Manor [Dungeon]
Port City Changhun
Prisma Valley
Rattan Hill
Twilight Mists
Yeon’s Barrier [Dungeon]

Arthetine Mokoko Seeds

Arid Path
Dr. Bergstrom’s Laboratory
Dynamo Core
Heart of Sceptrum [Dungeon]
Origins of Stern
Red Sand Desert
Riza Falls
Soldier Ant Nest [Dungeon]
TotrichVerdantier [Dungeon]
Windbringer Hills

North Vern Mokoko Seeds

Ancient Elveria [Dungeon]
Balankar Mountains
Fesnar Highland
Gorgon’s Nest [Dungeon]
Parna Forest
Port Krona
Rania Village
Vern Castle
Vernese Forest

Shushire Mokoko Seeds

Bitterwind Hill
Frostpeak Temple
Frozen Sea
Iceblood Plateau
Icewing Heights
Lake Eternity
Maze of Mirrors [Dungeon]
Rigens Village
Vrad’s Hideout [Dungeon]

Rohendel Mokoko Seeds

Breezesome Brae
Elzowin’s Shade
Glass Lotus Lake
Lake Shiverwave
Phantom Palace [Dungeon]
Realm of Elementals [Dungeon]
Xeneela Ruins

Yorn Mokoko Seeds

Ark of Arrogance [Dungeon]
Black Anvil Mine
Great Castle
Hall of Promise
Iron Hammer Mine
Unfinished Garden
Wonderful Brewery
Yorn’s Cradle

Feiton Mokoko Seeds

Cave of Sin
Nameless Valley
Red Moonshade
Ruined Castle
Shady Cliff
Wailing Swamp

Punika Mokoko Seeds

Naruna Hot Springs
Nia Village
Oreha’s Well
Secret Forest
Starsand Beach
Tideshelf Path
Tikatika Colony

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