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This article shows how to open the iron gates to the underground in Serpent’s Head at the location as shown in the picture below. Serpent Head is a location in the Inazuma region introduced in Genshin Impact 2.0 update.

How to open the first gate

To open the topmost iron gate in the Serpent’s Head you will have to chase two electro Seelies. The initial location of the two Electro Seelie’s is shown in the first picture below. Chase both the Electro Seelie’s till they reach the top and stop. The second picture below shows the final location of the two Electro Seelies. This will open the topmost gate to enter Serpent Head underground as shown in the picture below.

How to open the Second gate

Opening the second gate in Serpent’s Head is very easy. You have to simply interact with the lever as shown in the picture below. Jump down and defeat the enemy there.

How to open the Third Gate: Lever Puzzle

Opening the gate on this level to go further down is very tricky. There are five iron gates on this level and to be able to go down, all the five gates need to be open. You will find five levers around the opening with the gates. One lever resets the position of the gates and the other four levers open and closes the gates. Reset the gates and then interact with the levers in the sequence as shown in the picture below. This will open the gates. Jump down to the bottom-most level.

The Serpent’s Head Underground  

After jumping to the bottom-most level, defeat the Samurai there and then place a Dendrobium at the tomb. In the corner, you will find an iron gate with an Electro Seelie in front of it as shown in the picture below. Open the gate by interacting with the lever next to it and then chase the Electro Seelie to find a common chest containing Exile’s Goblet, Traveling Doctor’s Owl Feather, and Fine Enhancement ore.

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