Lust from Beyond Trophy List

Lust from Beyond Trophy list: How to unlock all the hidden trophies and achievements explained

Lust from Beyond has a total of 27 trophies for you to collect. You can earn these trophies by completing certain side activities, killing enemies in specific ways, or simply by completing the main storyline for Lust from Beyond.

Below you’ll find a list of all the trophies in Lust from Beyond, including the hidden trophies, and how to unlock each one.


Lust from Beyond  Trophy and Achievement List

Welcome to Bleakmoor – Arrive in Blackmoor.

A Doctor’s Appointment – Meet Dr. Austerlitz.

The New Seeing One – Finish the “Queen of Ecstasy” chapter.

Hail to the Queen! – Meet Amanda Moon.

A Damsel in Distress – Set off to rescue Lily.

Poor Tim – Beat Tim.

Where You Belong – Join the Cult of Ecstasy.

The Chosen One – Make love to Amanda in the Trinity Chamber.

The Great Liberator – Get the Mask of Ughro’ecna.

Rage Under Control – Beat Amanda.

Time of Pain – Finish the game without opening the Xu’thrar.

Time of Delight – Finish the game after opening the Xu’thrar.

Big Doc Is Watching You – Inspect every Dr. Austerlitz painting at the Desire Hotel.

Nevermore – Get rid of Victor’s fleshlight.

The Demiurges – Collect 5 items revealing the history of Demiurges.

Yv’h lauv’abrarc! – Collect all lauv’abrarc figurines.

I Hate Clowns! – Collect all clowns figurines.

Curious – Ask every possible question during your telephone conversation with Dr. Austerlitz.

Sweet Tooth – Eat 10 candies.

The Hall of the Meritorious – Find the room dedicated to Lust from Beyond Kickstarter backers.

The Queen of Pleasure – Collect 5 items revealing the story of the Queen of Pleasure.

Scarlet Lodge – Collect 5 items revealing the history of the Scarlet Lodge.

Lust for Death – Kill every character important to the story whenever you have the choice.

Lust for Life – Spare or save every character important to the story whenever you have the choice.

Sounds Familiar Play the Lust from Beyond: Scarlet melody on the theatre piano.

Hasta la vista – Commit suicide due to low sanity.

Is THIS Ever Going to End?! – Watch the Scarlet Lodge cultist defecate for 3 minutes.

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