Sakura Arborism: Thunder Sakura Locations, How to Remove Juvenile Antics | Genshin Impact | Inazuma World Quest

Sakura Arborism is a world quest in the Inazuma region of Genshin Impact 2.0. This article shows how to get the Sakura Arborism world quest and how to complete it.

How to get Sakura Arborism world quest

To get Sakura Arborism first you will need to complete the Tatara Tales world quest. Once Tatara Tales is complete, talk to Miyuki at the location as shown in the picture below to start the quest.

Treasure Hoarder Camp: First Visit

Your first objective will be to Investigate the Treasure Hoarder camp. The camp is nearby Miyuki’s location. Simply follow the objective marker to reach the Hoarder camp. Defeat the Treasure Hoarders and then talk to the last guy in the camp. After you are done talking go and report back to Miyuki.

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Thunder Sakura Trees Locations (Remove Juvenile Antics)

Objective: Remove the “juvenile antics” left on the Thunder Sakura by the Treasure Hoarders.

You decide to help the shrine maiden Miyuki save the Thunder Sakura. To this end, you have to find five Thunder Sakura trees in Kannazuka. They are currently imperiled, and you must observe them closely to find a way to solve the issue. If you meet with any trouble, you can go consult Miyuki.

This is the most tricky objective of this quest. First I will tell you how to remove the “juvenile antics” from the Thunder Sakura Trees and then I will tell you the location of all five Thunder Sakura trees. You have to go to all the five Thunder Sakura Trees and retrieve foreign objects to solve the issue.

How to Remove the “juvenile antics”

Once you have found a Thunder Sakura Tree, use elemental sight near it. On using elemental sight you can see a few blue spots on the ground near the trees as shown in the picture below. Standing on a blue spot will make lightning strike that spot. Stand on all the blue spots and make lightning strike them. When lightning has struck all the blue spots, flowers will start blooming on the Thunder Sakura Tree. Now go near the tree and retrieve the foreign object from it (See picture below).

All 5 Thunder Sakura Tree Locations

Pic Courtesy of Seaogre from Genshin Impact Wiki Fandom

Once you have removed the “juvenile antics”, report back to Miyuki. She will ask you to deal with the crystal cube at the Treasure Hoarders camp.

Investigate the Treasure Hoarder camp again

Go back to the Treasure Hoarders camp. After a small cutscene, you will have to defeat the attacking Fatui. When the Fatui is defeated, Miyuki will come to the camp and a cutscene will start. After the cutscene, you will have to fight with the crystal cube (Electro Hypostasis). Once you have defeated it, talk to Miyuki to complete the quest.

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