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There are a total of 9 luxurious chests in Narukami island of the Inazuma region that was introduced in the Genshin Impact 2.0 update on 21st July 2021. This article shows the location of all the nine luxurious chests and how to get them.

Luxurious Chest 1/9: Byakko Plain Beach

There is a locked luxurious chest on a beach east of Byakko plain at the location as shown in the picture below. Defeat the enemies around the chest to unlock it and get the rewards.

Luxurious Chest 2/9: Konda Village Well

The second luxurious chest is inside the well of Konda, where you have to go during ‘A strange story in Konda’ world quest for sacred sakura cleansing ritual. To see how to reach the cleansing point check the complete walkthrough in the link below.

A strange story in Konda complete walkthrough

When you reach the point where you destroy the barrier, you can see an electro barrier on the sidewall (See the second picture below). Summon electrogranum and use it to cross the barrier and then climb up the thick plant vines. Up there you will find an iron gate. Open the gate and go inside. Inside the room, you will find the luxurious chest at the corner as shown in the third picture below.

Luxurious Chest 3/9: Araumi Underground

the third Luxurious chest is under the broken tower in Araumi. You will reach underground while doing the Cleansing Defilement world quest. Check the link below to see how to reach Araumi underground.

How to reach Araumi Underground

Near the location where you destroy the barrier, you will find a rotating block barrier. Make the glowing side of the block face the same direction to make a hole open up in the ground as shown in the second picture below. Jump down the hole and swim until you reach a stair. Climb the stair, where you will find another block puzzle. make the shining side of the blocks turn north for the water to drain out. Now go back and summon electrogranum from a room that became accessible after the water drained out. Summon electrogranum and use it to cross an electro barrier for getting to the luxurious chest. You can cross the barrier only after reaching Sakura level 17.

Luxurious Chest 4/9: Araumi Underground Domain

You will get a hidden luxury chest in Araumi underground upon unlocking the ‘Empty Boat of a Thousand Gates’ Domain. The chest will appear in front of the Domain door after it is unlocked. Check the link below to see how to unlock the ‘Empty Boat of a Thousand Gates’ Domain.

How to unlock ‘Empty Boat of a Thousand Gates’ Domain

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Luxurious Chest 5/9: Mt. Yougou

There is a relay stone puzzle in Mt. Yougou in Narukami Island of Genshin Impact 2.0 (Inazuma Region). Solving a relay stone puzzle will grant you access to a Luxurious Chest.

How to solve Relay Stone Puzzles?

A relay stone puzzle has 3 components:
DISCHARGE STONE (DS): Shoots a harmless electric current.
CUMULATION STONE (CS): Absorbs the electrical energy from Discharge Stone.
RELAY STONES (RS): Conducts the current released by Discharge Stone.
To solve the puzzle you must complete the circuit: the current from Discharge Stone must reach the Cumulation Stone. You’ll have to use the relay stones to complete the circuit. There will be multiple relay stones in the area which can be picked-up and positioned anywhere. To solve the puzzle, you must position the relay stones in such a way that the current released from Discharge Stone reaches the Cumulation Stone. After the circuit is complete, an exquisite chest will appear and its loot will be yours.

Mt. Yougou Relay Stone Puzzle

Check the images below to see the location and solution of this relay stone puzzle. There are 2 RELAY STONES here: one is static (can’t be moved) and the other one (near static RS) can be picked up. There are 2-steps for completing this puzzle.

STEP 1: Connect the Discharge Stone with Static Relay Stone.
Pick up the Relay Stone and place it mid-air between Discharge Stone and Static Relay Stone. This will connect the 2 stones. [NOTE: You’ll see a SEELIE mid-air between the two stones. This is a hint showing you where you should place the Relay Stone].

STEP 2: Connect the Static Relay Stone with Cumulation Stone.
For this step, you must yourself act as a Relay Stone [NOTE: You can act as a connector/conductor if you’re affected by Electro]. First, get hit by the shockwave static relay stone is producing so that you get affected by Electro. Now, glide towards the Cumulation Stone and stay mid-air (where the SEELIE is) to connect the two stones. Once the connection is established and the circuit is complete the exquisite chest will spawn near the static relay stone. Go and Loot it!

Luxurious Chest 6/9: Iwakura out

Iwakura Out is a secret achievement in Genshin Impact 2.0 that you get by defeating all Iwakura swordsmen in the Inazuma region. You will also get a hidden luxurious chest on eliminating the entire Iwakura clan. Check the link below for all 6 Iwakura Swordsmen.

Location of 6 Iwakura Swordsmen

After you have defeated all the six Iwakura Swordsmen, go to the giant rock at the south of Byakko Plain. There you will find the last two remaining Iwakuma clan swordsmen. Eliminate them to get Iwakura Out Achievement. You will get two swords after the fight. Place the swords on the blade mounds in front of the rock and a hidden luxurious chest will appear. Open it and claim the rewards.

Luxurious Chest 7/9: Mt. Yougou Barrier

From the backside of the Grand Narukami Shrine jump to the floating land with the electrogranum plant. Summon electrogranum and jump down towards the thunder barrier. Level 17 Sakura is required to cross the barrier. You can get a luxurious chest after crossing the barrier. The chest is hidden. You need to go behind the shrine and observe the fox statue with a memento lens for the luxurious chest to appear.

Luxurious Chest 8/9: Shrines of Depths

There are two Shrine of Depths on Narukami island. One is at the southeast of Chinju Forest at the location as shown in the picture below. You will get a luxurious chest inside the shrine. Click here to see how to get Shrine of Depths Keys.

Luxurious Chest 9/9: Shrines of Depths

You will find the second Shrine of Depths of Narukami Island on a small island on the north side, northeast of Ritou at the location as shown in the picture below. You will get a luxurious chest inside the shrine. Click here to see how to get Shrine of Depths Keys.

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