Second Blooming Hidden Achievement | Inazuma | Genshin Impact 2.0

‘Second Blooming’ is a time-gated secret achievement that can be unlocked only after completion of the ‘Tatara Tales’ questline. For this quest, you will also be needing a ‘Bag of Flower Seeds‘. This article will show how to get the ‘Second Blooming’ achievement in a step-by-step manner.

Step 1: Complete Tatara tales Questline

‘Tata Tales’ questline contains a total of eight quests. The quests are time-gated and will take at least eight days to complete. You can start the questline by talking to the Shogunate Officer Toranosuke in Kujou Encampment. Kujou Encampment is an island located north-east of Tatarasuna. Shogunate Officer Toranosuke is standing near the teleport waypoint.

Step 2: Bag of Flower Seeds

You will get the ‘Bag of Flower Seeds‘ from a common chest in Takashi’s Conch House which is on the northern beach in Tatarasuna at the location as shown in the picture below. the open the chests you will need to find three Mysterious Coches.

On the beach near the Conch House, you will find some shiny objects and there is a chance that you will find Mysterious Conch. You will find around 4-5 Mysterious conch each day. You will be needing only three every day.

Once you have three conches, go and talk to Takashi in the conch house. He will ask you whether you have got some conches for him. You can hand him over three conches and in return, he will allow you to open one of the three common chests behind him in the conch house.

After you have given the conches to Takashi, go inside the conch house and open one of the three common chests. There is a small chance that from one of the common chests you might get ‘Bag of Flower Seeds‘. You can open only one chest every day. You might have to repeat the process for 5-6 days before you get the bag of flower seeds.

Step 3: Talk to Hanayama Kaoru (Day 1)

Once you have completed the ‘Tatara Tales‘ questline and have ‘Bag of Flower Seeds‘, go and talk to Hanayama Kaoru at the north side of Tatarasuna mountain at the location as shown in the picture below. She will ask you for flower seeds. Give her the bag of flower seeds and in return, she will give you a common chest. She will also ask you to come back the next day to see a sea of flowers.

Step 4: Talk to Hanayama Kaoru (Day 2)

Go back and talk to Hanayama Kaoru the next day (Real Life Day). She will ask you to defeat some monsters so that she can plant the flower seeds. You will have to fight a couple of Electro Whopper Flowers. After you have chased away the monsters, go and talk to Hanayama again. She will again reward you with a common chest.

Step 5: Talk to Hanayama Kaoru (Day 3)

Go back and talk to Hanayama Kaoru again the next day (Real Life Day). She will show you the sea of flowers that she planted and then ask you you bring her three flowers. Go and collect three Sweet Flowers. Give the flowers to Hanayama Kaoru, and this will unlock the ‘Second Blooming’ achievement.

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