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You will find a Lightning Strike Probe/Compass puzzle at the beach at the north end of Tatarasuna at the location as shown in the picture below. Solving the puzzle reveals an Exquisite Chest. This article shows how to solve the Lightning Strike Probe Puzzle and the rewards that you get from the Exquisite Chest.

How Lightning Strike Probe Works

Lightning Strike probe is a device found in Inazuma, a newly introduced area in Genshin Impact 2.0 update released on 21st July 2021. The device has a compass attached to the top that points towards players or enemies charged with electro element.

On the base of the Lightning Strike Probe, there is a protruding edge representing the direction in which the compass needs to be pointed (See the picture below). Use electro element to make the compass point in the correct direction and this will make the device glow, as shown in the second picture below. Once the device starts glowing, it will keep glowing only for a small period of time. To complete the Lightning Strike Probe puzzle, you will need to make all devices glow simultaneously.

How to get Electro Charge and Solve the Puzzle

In order to solve the puzzle, you will need to get an electro charge and use it to rotate the compass on top of the Lightning Strike probe in the correct direction. You can get imbued by electro by going near Electro Crystal ore as shown in the picture below.

After you are charged with electro, go near a Lightning Strike Probe and stand in the direction where the device base is pointing until the compass points in the same direction and the device starts to glow. Do the same for the other two devices. You have to do this quickly because the device will keep glowing only for a small period of time. To complete the Lightning Strike Probe puzzle in the Tatarasuna area, you will need to make all three devices glow simultaneously.

Once all the three Lightning Strike Probes are glowing simultaneously, an exquisite chest and an electro Seelie will appear at the center, solving the puzzle.


The Electro Seelie that appears can be chased to an electrogranum plant on the water with a barrier near it. The barrier contains a Luxurious chest, but you will be needing two more Seelies to access it. Check the link below to see our complete guide on how to get the luxurious chest behind the barrier.

How to get the luxurious chest behind the barrier

Opening the Exquisite Chest that appears on completing the Lightning Strike Probe Puzzle, rewards you with the following items: Lucky Dog’s Goblet, Fine Enhancement Ore, Mystic Enhancement Ore, Pocket Grimoire, 2 Electro Sigils, and 1200 Moras.

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