A Doctor’s Odyssey: Hidden Achievement & Secret Luxurious Chest | Inazuma | Genshin Impact 2.0

‘A Doctor’s Odyssey’ is a hidden achievement in Genshin Impact 2.0. The condition to unlock the achievement is to “Find out what happened to Yasumoto.” Unlocking the achievement also reveals a secret Luxurious chest. To unlock the achievement you will first need to complete the ‘Treatment on the Island’ world quest. This article shows how to unlock the ‘A Doctor’s Odyssey’ achievement and the location of the secret luxurious chest.

‘Treatment on the Island’ World Quest

You will get the ‘Treatment on the Island’ world quest by talking to Yasumoto in front of his house, which is south of Fort Fujitou as shown in the picture below. The quest is straightforward, except for the part where you will need to find Naku Weeds. See the picture below to see the location of Naku Weeds. Check the link below for a complete walkthrough of the ‘Treatment on the Island’ world quest.

‘Treatment on the Island’ Complete Walkthrough

Naku Weed Locations

There are two areas where Naku weeds are easily available. The first is in the eastern area of Tatarasuna and the other in and around Grand Narukami Shrine. When collecting, take as much as you could. Naku Weed locations are shown in the pictures below, locations marked with flower icons.

Go Back to Yasumoto’s House & Give Naku Weed

After completing the ‘Treatment on the Island’ world quest, go to Yasumoto’s house and place 12 Naku Weed in the bamboo basket in front of his house. Return back to the same place the next day (Real Life Day) and you will find an exquisite chest. Open the chest and then place 12 Naku weeds in the bamboo basket again and repeat the process for two more days. The third time you come back to Yasumoto’s house, you won’t find any treasure chest in front of the house and the Naku weeds will still be there in the basket. Interact with the basket and the dialogue will hint you to use elemental sight to track the owner. Use the elemental sight and it will lead you to three Pharmacist’s Notebooks.

Pharmacist’s Notebooks Locations & Get Achievement

The three Pharmacist’s Notebooks are at locations marked 1,2, & 3 in the Picture below.
Pharmacist’s Notebook 1: At location marked 1 on top of a wooden crate
Pharmacist’s Notebook 2: At location marked 2 on top of a stone
Pharmacist’s Notebook 3: At location marked 3 on top of a stone sitting next to a tree

Collecting the three Pharmacist’s Notebooks unlocks ‘A Doctor’s Odyssey’ achievement.

Luxury Chest Location

Based on the clues that you get from the three Pharmacist’s Notebooks, go to Jakotsu Mine South East waypoint and you will find the luxurious chest at the location marked in the picture below.

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