Forza Horizon 5 Baja Expedition: All Optional Accolades Location Guide

This is the Gameplay Walkthrough of Forza Horizon 5 of the Baja Expedition. This guide will show you how to complete all the optional accolades during the Objective “Drive to the Buggy to Continue” for special rewards. There are four optional objectives and a player needs to drive to specific locations near an active volcano and exploring this volcano is part of the Baja Expedition.

Put on the Volcanologist Thermal Suit Location

Head to the eastern side of the area to find a group of buildings. This group of buildings is located east of the little lake of the volcano region as indicated on the map. As you approach the building you will get a prompt on the screen to change your outfit. The new outfit available here is Volcanologist thermal Suit.

Collect a Sample from the Hot Spring Lake Location

After getting the Volcanologist thermal Suit, drive across the center of the little lake on the east side of the volcano region. You just need to drive the car into the lake to collect the sample. By completing this objective, you will also unlock the Ford Racing Escort Barn Find location.

Smash 5 Steam Vents to Release Geothermal Energy Location

For this accolade, you will have to find 5 steam vents and drive through them to release geothermal energy. Steam Vents are small rock piles with white steam flares on top of them. There are more than 5 of them in the region and they are easy to spot from afar. Simply drive into rocks surrounding the steam vents and you will hear a hissing sound. This means that you have successfully released the geothermal energy.

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Find a Location for the Seismometer Location

The spot to place the seismometer is on the west side of the volcano lake, adjacent to the bank of the bigger lake as pointed on the map.

How Do You Unlock Horizon Baja?

Like any other festival in Forza Horizon 5, you must first unlock Horizon Apex before gaining enough accolades to unlock a new Adventure. Only then will you be able to access the Horizon Baja ticket’s Baja Expedition. Once you unlock the event, it will appear on your map.

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