Forza Horizon 5: Jungle Expedition Optional Accolades Guide | Peugeot 207

This is the Gameplay Walkthrough of Forza Horizon 5 of the Jungle Expedition. This guide will show you how to complete all the optional accolades during the Objective “Drop Rami at the End of the Runway”. There are five optional objectives and a player needs to drive to specific locations in the Jungle area. 

Each of the objectives is in small pink-color crates, you can see one in the image below. Some of these pink crates are placed at higher levels making it a big challenge to access them.

Discover the Lost Barn find notes 

This is located at the hanger. Just drive into the hangar and hit the pink crate lying on the ground near the plane. This also unlocks the Jaguar Sport XJR-15 Barn Find location that is located on the south side of the airstrip as shown on the map.

Find Ramiro’s Pilot Outfit 

Head to the hangar in the northwest area of the map as indicated. The hanger is on the south side of the main strip where you will find a pink crate on top of a shipping container. To smash it, go to the north opening of the hangar, where there is a plane wing forming a ramp. you can drive up the ramp and head across the containers to reach the crate.

Find Ramiro’s Flight Recorder 

In the central area of the map and just south of the main strip, you will find a lopsided plane with a crate on the upper wing. Drive up the lower wing of the plane and across to reach the crate.

Find Ramiro’s Pilot Helmet 

Head to the southeast to find a large hangar as pointed on the map, with the crate on top of several shipping containers. Go to the other side of the hanger to find a ramp. Drive your way at high speed up the ramp to reach the crate.

Discover Ramiro’s Rainy Day Fund

It is located on the north side of the main runway. Head to the northeast area as indicated on the map above to a crate on a shipping container. 

Drive around the side of the hangar to find a ramp, which can lead you up onto the shipping containers. This one is tricky – you can apply the brake as you land on the shipping containers to avoid overshooting from the other side.

This will complete all five optional accolades during the Objective “Drop Rami at the End of the Runway. Finally, drive to the eastern end of the main runway to complete the main objective.

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