Iwakura Out: Hidden Luxurious Chest & Achievement | Narukani, Inazuma | Genshin Impact

Iwakura Out is a secret achievement in Genshin Impact 2.0 that you get by defeating all Iwakura swordsmen in the Inazuma region. You will also get a hidden luxurious chest on eliminating the entire Iwakura clan. This article shows the location of all Iwakura swordsmen and how to get the hidden luxurious chest.

Iwakura Swordsman 1

Iwakura Disciple is in Byakko Plain in front of a giant rock at the location as shown in the picture below.

Iwakura Swordsman 2

Iwakura Acting Instructor is in the southwest portion of Tatarasuna at the location as shown in the picture below. He is in an underground cave where you can reach by jumping down a hole in the ground at the location as shown in the picture below.

Iwakura Swordsman 3

Iwakura Disciple is southeast of Maguu Kenki teleporter in Serpent’s Head at the location as shown in the picture below. You will find him sitting in front of a tent.

Iwakura Swordsman 4

Iwakura Disciple is on the beach at the western edge of Fort Mumei at the location as shown in the picture below.

Iwakura Swordsman 5

Iwakura Acting Instructor is in Araumi underground after the waypoint at the location as shown in the pictures below. If you haven’t been to the Araumi underground yet, we have explained it below the pictures.

Reaching Iwakura Swordsman in Araumi Underground

You will reach underground while doing the Cleansing Defilement world quest. Check the link below to see how to enter Araumi underground.

How to enter Araumi Underground

Near the location where you destroy the barrier, you will find a rotating block barrier. Make the glowing side of the block face the same direction to make a hole open up in the ground as shown in the second picture below. Jump down the hole and swim until you reach a stair. Climb the stairs and interact with the block in front to open the gate. Keep moving in a linear path and you will reach the Swordsman location.

Iwakura Swordsman 6

The Iwakura swordsman is in Kujou Encampment at the location as shown in the picture below.

Luxurious Chest

After you have defeated all the six Iwakura Swordsmen, go back to the giant rock at the south of Byakko Plain. There you will find the last two remaining Iwakuma clan swordsmen. Eliminate them to get Iwakura Out Achievement. You will get two swords after the fight. Place the swords on the blade mounds in front of the rock and a hidden luxurious chest will appear. Open it and claim the rewards.

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