Pokemon Legends Arceus: Requests List & Walkthrough

Pokemon Legends Arceus is an open-world action role-playing game that released for Nintendo Switch on 28th January 2022. In this game, you go to the Sinnoh region and create the first-ever Pokedex. Aside from the Main Story Missions, you can take requests from NPCs that act as side quests. This guide shows the list of all the Requests in the game and links to the walkthrough of the difficult requests.

Pokemon Legends Arceus: Requests

NOTE: Many requests are available after a certain point in the main story. So if you are unable to see the request, then perhaps you will need to progress in the main story.

Request 1. Wurmple Can Evolve

Request 2. Adorable Starly
Requested By: Marli
Starly Location: Obsidian Fieldlands (Aspiration Hill, Horseshoe Plains, Windswept Run, Tidewater Dam)
Show Starly to Marli after it reaches research level 10 to complete the request

Request 3. What Did Shinx’s Ears Look Like?
Requested By: Toshi
Shinx Location: Aspiration Hill of Obsidian Fieldlands.
Shinx cannot be caught unless you engage them in battle. an ‘X’ icon will appear above its head. Press X to engage in a battle with Shinx.

Request 4. Big Buizel, Little Buizel

Request 5. What It Takes to Be Awesome
Requested By: Sho
Give the 5 Poke Balls to Sho

Request 6. Mushroom Cake Marketing

Request 7. Playing With Drifloon

Request 8. Bothersome Bidoof

Request 9. Zubat’s Eyes
Requested by: Clarissa
Zubat Location: Only during Night time in Obsidian Fieldlands (Deertrack Path, Nature’s Pantry, The Heartwood, Oreburrow Tunnel)

Request 10. Wurmple’s Evolved
Requested By: Beauregard
Silcoon Location: Only during the Daytime in Obsidian Fieldlands (Floaro Gardens, The Heartwood)
Wurmple Location: Obsidian Fieldlands (Horseshoe Plains, Floaro Gardens, The Heartwood)
Evolve Wurmple into a Silcoon at level 7

Request 11. The Timbre of the Fields
Requested By: Yeo
Kricketor Location: Obsidian Fieldlands (Deertrack Path, Nature’s Pantry, Windswept Run)

Request 12. A Perfect Pickling Stone

Request 13. Trees that Bear Berries
Requested By: Bjorn
Get 3 Cherry Berries from the trees in Obsidian Fieldlands. Throw a Pokeball containing a Pokemon on a tree full of fruits for the fruits to fall.

Request 14. Berry Helpful
Requested By: Andra
Gather 5 Oran Berries from trees in Obsidian Fieldlands. Throw a Pokeball containing a Pokemon on a tree full of fruits for the fruits to fall.

Request 15. Balloon Race in the Fieldlands
Requested By: Balloon Race
Pop 17 Balloons in 45 seconds.

Request 16. Strange Happenings at Midnight

Request 17. To Bloom or Not to Bloom

Request 18. Please! Make Me a Pokeshi Doll!

Request 19. A Peculiar Ponyta

Request 20. The Mysterious Will-o’-the-Wisp

Request 21. Back-Alley Mr. Mime

Request 22. Eerie Apparitions in the Night
Requested By: Vessa
Collect 107 Wisps from all around the Sinnoh region.

Request 23. Getting Ahold of New Wares

Request 24. Inspiration from Hippopotas
Requested By: Anthe
Catch a Male and Female Hippopotas.
Hippopotas Location: Crimson Mirelands (Sludge Mound, Scarlet Bog) Coronet Highlands (Celestica Trail)

Request 25. The Pokemon in the Woodland Photo
Requested By: Dagero
Catch a Buneary and show it to Dagero
Buneary Location: Obsidian Fieldlands (The Heartwood), Alabaster Icelands (Bonechill Wastes, Snowfall Hot Spring)

Request 26. Aim for the Big Leagues
Requested By: Taggart
Score 10,000 or more points in the Target Practice Minigame.

Request 27. Help Wanted: Plowing the Fields
Requested By: Miller
Give a Ground-Type Pokemon to Miller

Request 28. Measuring Your Compatibility
Requested By: Belamy
Show a Pokemon with High Friendship to Belamy.

Request 29. The Search for Bitter Leaves

Request 30. A Beautiful Rose…
Requested By: Berra
Roselia Location: Crimson Mirelands (Gapejaw Bog, Cloudpool Ridge), Coronet Highlands (Fabled Spring)

Request 31. Setting Up the Bogbound Camp
Requested By: Odo
Go to the Bogbound Camp and defeat 3 Stunky there.

Request 32. The Headache-Stricken Psyduck
Requested By: Martia
Get the Medicine from Tomma in the Galaxy Hall at Jubilife Village and then give it to Martia.

Request 33. What a Massive Mushroom!
Requested By: Morel
You need to get a Parasect and give it to Morel
Parasect & Paras Location: Obsidian Fieldlands (Nature’s Pantry), Crimson Mirelands (Golden Lowlands, Diamond Heath, Cloudpool Ridge, Cottonsedge Prairie)
Evolve a Paras into Parasect at level 24

Request 34. Croagunk’s Curative Poison
Requested By: Pesselle
Croagunk Location: Crimson Mirelands (Gapejaw Bog, Scarlet Bog, Holm of Trials), Coronet Highlands (Ancient Quarry)

Request 35. Battling with Pachirisu
Requested By: Ren
Win the battle in the quest with only Pachirisu in your team.
Pachirisu Location: Crimson Mirelands (Droning Meadow)

Request 36. Watering with Care
Requested By: Odo
Show a Pokemon with Water Pulse move to Odo (Psyduck, Tentacool, etc)

Request 37. The Fragrance of Nostalgic Herbs

Request 38. Gone Astray…in the Mirelands

Request 39. All about Magikarp
Requested By: Ceci
Magikarp Location: Obsidian Fieldlands (Obsidian Falls, Lake Verity), Coronet Highlands (Fabled Spring)

Request 40. The Charm Lost in the Swamp

Request 41. An Elegant Tail

Request 42. Help Wanted: Watering the Fields
Requested By: Miller
Give Water Type Pokemon to Miller (Psyduck, Tentacool, etc).

Request 43. More New Wares

Request 44. The Pokemon in the Nighttime Photo
Requested By: Dagero
Catch a Duskull and show it to Dagero
Duskull Location: Only during the Night in Cobalt Coastlands (Deadwood Haunt) & Alabaster Icelands (Avalanche Slopes, Arena’s Approach)

Request 45. Shellos of the East and West

Request 46. Setting Up the Coastlands Camp

Request 47. Balloon Race in the Coastlands
Requested By: Balloon Race
Pop 24 Balloons in the given time.

Request 48. The Taste of Home

Request 49. Keep an Eye Out for Aipom!
Requested By: Hiko
Chase down the two Aipom that stole Hiko’s pack and then defeat them.

Request 50. Double the Tails, Double the Fun

Request 51. Coming Up Roses

Request 52. Eevee’s Evolutions
Requested By: Floaro
Craft a Jubilife Muffin and feed it to the Umbreon on the second floor of the Galaxy Hall.

Request 53. Octillery’s Ink

Request 54. Serving Up Swap Snacks
Requested By: Bonn
Purchase Sootfoot Root and Spring Mushroom from Craftworks. Get Hopo Berries from fruit trees in Crimson Mirelands. Then give these items to Bonn.

Request 55. Poor, Peckish Piplup

Request 56. Getting Help from Machoke
Requested By: Bosley
Machoke Location: Obsidian Fieldlands (Obsidian Falls), Cobalt Coastlands (Castaway Shore), Coronet Highlands (Bolderoll Ravine, Cloudcap Pass), Alabaster Icelands (Icebound Falls, Arena’s Approach, Snowfall Hot Spring)

Request 57. The Taste of Honey

Request 58. Gone Astray…in the Coastlands

Request 59. Misdreavus the Hairstyle Muse

Request 60. Help Wanted: Rock Smashing in the Fields
Requested By: Miller
Give a Pokemon with Rock Smash move to Miller.

Request 61. Even More New Wares

Request 62. The Pokemon in the River Photo
Requested By: Dagero
Catch a Turtwig and show it to Dagero
Turtwig Location: Crimson Mirelands (Droning Meadow). You will find it in the southeast most lake in Crimson Mirelands.

Request 63. Fancy, Fashionable Wormadam

Request 64. Getting to Know the Ghosts
Requested By: Ward
Gastly Location: During the Night in Crimson Mirelands (Golden Lowlands, Gapejaw Bog, Scarlet Bog, Shrouded Ruins), Coronet Highlands (Bolderoll Ravine, Sacred Plaza, Celestica Ruins)

Request 65. Setting Up the Mountain Camp
Requested By: Eshim
Talk to the Bronzor. It will point to an injured Bronzor across the river. Cross the river and go straight ahead to the injured Bronzor to complete the request.

Request 66. The Sea’s Legend

Request 67. The Clefairy’s Moonlit Dance
Requested By: Astair
During Night of a Full Moon, go to the marked location in the Fabled Spring at Coronet Highlands. Investigate the area to watch the Clefairy’s Moonlit Dance.

Request 68. A Nosepass to Guide the Way

Request 69. Gone Astray…in the Highlands

Request 70. Colorful New Looks
Requested By: Anthe
Get Green Shard, Blue Shard, and Red Shard In a Space-Time Distortion

Request 71. New Wares Yet Again

Request 72. Pesselle’s Easy Errand
Requested By: Pesselle
Give 100 Medicinal leaks to Pesselle.

Request 73. Which is the Real Burmy?

Request 74. A Bit of Help from Blissey
Requested By: Pippa
Save Pippa from a Level 55 Abomasnow

Request 75. Kirlia the Hairstyle Muse

Request 76. Mushroom Hunting with Swinub
Requested By: Morel
Use Swinub to find 3 Mushrooms. You will find them in the Heart’s Crag at Alabaster Icelands.

Request 77. Gone Astray…in the Fieldlands

Request 78. Setting Up the Icepeak Camp

Request 79. Balloon Race in the Icelands
Requested By: Balloon Race
Pop 30 Balloons in the given time.

Request 80. The Perfect Pickle Recipe

Request 81. In Search of a Fiery Pokemon
Requested By: Brice
Give Brice a Fire-type Pokemon

Request 82. Traces of a Lost Village
Requested By: Mani
Follow the objective markers and then defeat a level 55 Frosslass at the end.

Request 83. Snow-White Vulpix in the Snow

Request 84. The Bergmite Enthusiast

Request 85. At Home under the Eaves
Requested By: Ida
Investigate Chimecho at three locations marked by the objective marker and then place that Chimecho from the house next to Ida’s home as marked by the objective marker.

Request 86. Gone Astray…in the Icelands

Request 87. Rolling with Spheal
Requested By: Senki
Senki’s Spheal has rolled down the hill. Go Down the hill to find the Spheal and then keep following it down the hill.

Request 88. Steely Lucario
Requested By: Rye
Defeat Rye’s Lucario

Request 89. The Diamond Clan’s Treasure
Requested By: Adaman
Battle and defeat Adaman

Request 90. The Pearl Clan’s Treasure
Requested By: Irida
Battle and defeat Irida

Request 91. On the Trail of Giratina
Requested By: Professor Laventon
Giratina Location: Turnback Cave at Spring Path in Cobalt Coastlands

Request 92. A Token of Gratitude

Request 93. The Darksome Nightmare

Request 94. Incarnate Forces of Hisui
Requested By: Cogita
Find and catch Tornadus, Landorus, Thundurus, & Enamorus. Level them up to level 10 and report back to Cogita.
Tornadus Location: In Bonechill Wastes of Alabaster Islands during Blizzard
Landorus Location: Ramnas Park in Obsidian Fieldlands
Thundurus Location: In the water of Cobalt Coastlands by Pillars of Coastland Campsite during Heavy Rain
Enamorus Location: Scarlet Bog in the Crimson Mirelands

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