Dying Light 2 Guide and Walkthrough

Dying Light 2 Guide and Walkthrough

Dying Light 2: Stay Human is an open-world action RPG, in which you explore a ruined city infested with zombies. The game released on 4th February 2022 on PC, Xbox, PS4 & PS5. The game consists of main, quests, side quests, and many secret items to collect. This page acts as an index for all the Dying Light 2 guides on our website.

All Possible Ending: Dying Light 2: All 12 Endings Guide

Main Quest Guides

Find a White and Green GRE Crate – Markers of Plague

The Only Way Out

Meet the people of the Bazaar – The Only Way Out

Get some work at the Bazaar to earn Sophie’s trust – The Only Way Out

Unruly Brother

Follow Birdie’s Trail – Unruly Brother

Go to Aitor or Go and Meet Sophie – The Raid

Water Tower 

Find and disarm the explosives – Water Tower

Search Barney’s Hideout for Evidence – Water Tower

Jack & Joe: Fight or Negotiate – Water Tower

Keep or Give Hakon GRE key – Into the Dark (Peacekeepers)

Follow Waltz in the Car Factory & Pursue Waltz in the Car Factory – Let’s Waltz

Downtown Electrical Station Puzzle – A Place to Call Home

Get to the Observatory GRE Base – Observatory

Cathedral (agree to go with Juan)


Garrison Electrical Station – Broadcast

Wait For Matt’s Summons: Stuck Solution – Broadcast

Reach the top of the VNC tower – Broadcast

Let Lawan Detonate the Bombs or Save Lawan – X13 (Final Ending)

Side Quest Guides

Look For The Boys Around The Bazaar – True Friends

Find Marco the Water Supplier – Cheers!

Hide or I’ll Tell Them the Truth – Cheers!

Horseshoe Water Tower Safe – Moonshine 

Out of Your League Safe Code Puzzle 

Investigate the Square – The History Lesson 

Find Missing Supplier & Search GRE Containers – The Ball is in Your Court 

Collect Recluse Petals at Night Guide – Aitor

Saving Aitor or Letting him Die – Aitor

Missing Persons

Search for the Music Box – Sentimental Value

All Choices and Endings – True Friends

Foster Family

Go After The Sniper – Sniper’s Alley

Treasure Hunt – Secret Side Quest

Space Cock – Side Quest

Choices Guides

Go to Aitor or Go and Meet Sophie – Raid (main quest)

Jack & Joe: Fight or Negotiate – Water Tower (main quest)

Keep or Give Hakon GRE key – Into the Dark (main quest)

I can help you or I’ll stick with Matt – Welcome on Board (main quest)

Saving Aitor or Letting him Die – Aitor (side quest)

Hand Damien to Carl or Cooperate Choice – Missing Persons (side quest)

Hide or I’ll Tell Them the Truth – Cheers! (side quest)

True Friends Quest Choices (side quest)

Let Lawan Detonate the Bombs or Save Lawan – X13 (main quest)

Secrets Guides

How To Get Cyber Hands 2177 Secret Weapon

5 Black Ducks Locations Puzzle: Get Secret Weapon (Doom & Darth Vader Easter Egg)

How To Get Infinite Weapons Durability Charm

How to get Secret Triple Jump Shoes

How to Get Pan of Destiny Secret Weapon

Best Secret Weapons and Items

All Safe Code Location

Saint Joseph Hospital Safe

Bazaar Safe Code

Quarry End Safe Code

Houndfield: Nightrunner’s Hideout Safe

VNC Tower Safe

Horseshoe Water Tower Safe

Downtown Thugs Safe

Undying Affection Safe

Muddy Grounds Safe Code

Church of Saint Thomas Safe

Little Boy Safe Code

Out of Your League Safe

Garrison Electrical Station Safe

US Declaration of Independence Safe

Absolute Zero Safe Code

End of World War 2 [EU] Safe Code Puzzle

Baptism of Poland Safe Code

All Safe Codes Puzzles & Locations

All Facility Locations & Puzzles

Saint Paul Electrical Station

Houndfield Electrical Station

Wharf Water Tower

Saint Paul Water Tower

Garrison Electrical Station

Downtown Electrical Station

All Facility Locations Puzzles

Windmills Guides

Birch Windmill

Larch Windmill

Revolution Windmill

Old Villedor Master Windmill

Cherry Windmill

Alder Windmill

Inhibitor Locations

All 43 Old Villedor Inhibitors Locations

All Houndfield Inhibitors Locations Guide

All Trinity Inhibitors Locations

All Quarry End Inhibitors Locations

All Horseshoe Inhibitors Locations

THV Genomics Center Inhibitors

Dark Hollow Inhibitors

Center for Stage IV THV Study

GRE Crate – Unruly Brother

Military Airdrop THB-NW4 – Inhibitor

Military Airdrop THB-UT0 – Inhibitor

Military Airdrop THB-1L0 – Inhibitor 

Military Airdrop THB-M30 – Inhibitor

Military Airdrop THB-04B – Inhibitor

Military Airdrop

Military Airdrop THB-NW4

Military Airdrop THB-UT0

Military Airdrop THB 22B

Military Airdrop THB-1L0

Military Airdrop THB-M30

Military Airdrop THB-04B

Collectibles Guide

All GRE Anomaly Locations

Saint Joseph medical Radio Relay (Climb to the top of Saint Joseph Hospital)


Bing Bang Boom!

All Trophies and Achievements

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