Forza Horizon 5 Glitch – Unlock all Rare/Exclusive cars instantly **MUST WATCH**

In this guide, we will explain a car glitch to unlock all rare and exclusive cars instantly in Forza Horizon 5. This Glitch may get the patch in the future. This glitch works only on cars that are listed first in the manufacturer list.

  • Head to the “Car Collection” area and “Jump to Manufacturer”. Suppose you want to do it for Italdesign – 2018 Zerouno.
  • If you hover over this car as shown below image you will basically get no option to purchase, but if you back out and instantly go back in the same spot. Then you can see in the bottom left an option to purchase (Y)

Alternatively, press “X” and there should be a popup telling you that the car is only available in specific cases like wheel spin. Press back then immediately press “Y” and buy. You can walk around doing this for most cars that are listed first in the manufacturer list.

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