Genshin Impact 2.2 Walkthrough: Quest List, Collectibles, Puzzles, Achievements | Tsurumi Island, Inazuma

Genshin Impact 2.2

miHoyo released Genshin impact 2.2 on 13th October 2021. The update introduces one new Island in the Inazuma region, Tsurumi Island, where you can play a series of world quests. The update also introduces two new characters: Thoma & Aloy (Already released on PSN). This article acts as an index for all things that you could do in Genshin Impact 2.2 update.

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Collectibles & Puzzles

Tsurumi island: All 7 Stone Slate Locations

Tsurumi Island: All Electroculus Location

Tsurumi Island: All Luxurious Chests

Tsurumi Island: All Electro Seelie Locations

Tsurumi Island: All Relay Stone Puzzles

Tsurumi Island: All Stone Cube Puzzles

Tsurumi Island: All Lightning Strike Probe Puzzles

Tsurumi Island: All Thunderbird Statue Puzzles

Tsurumi Island: All Stormstone Chests Puzzles

Tsurumi Island: All Ghosts Location

Shirikoro Peak: Mural Puzzle (Star Shaped Gems)

Tsurumi Island: All Sliding Stone Puzzles

Shirikoro Peak: All Torch puzzles

World Quests

A Particularly Particular Author
Octave of the Maushiro
The Sea of Fog and the Rite of the Trees
The Sun-Wheel and Mt. Kanna
The Saga of Mr. Forgetful
Clean House


Moshiri kara

Hidden Achievements

Seven Letters
Guessing Game
Thunderbird’s Lineage
A Tale of Two Cities
White’s Illusion
Light up the Fog

My Life as an Adventurer
“Lovely Sights, Further Than the Eye Can See”

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