High On Life | All Bounty, Collectibles & Puzzles Guide

High on Life is a comedic sci-fi action-adventure first-person shooter game created by Justin Roiland and developed and published by Squanch Games. It takes place in a science fiction world and features talking guns. It was released on December 13, 2022, for Windows, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. In the plot, earth has been invaded by the malicious alien cartel known as the G3 Cartel, who seek to use the native human population as drugs. Playing the role of a bounty hunter, the player must navigate throughout the galaxy to save humanity by using living weapons called Gatlians, used to take out the threats.

All Bounties Walkthrough

Find 9 Torg’s Hideout
Find 9 Torg’s Base



Skrendel Brothers

Dr. Giblets




Blim City: All Luglox Chest Location

Old Town: All Luglox Chest Location

Slums: All Luglox Chests Locations

Deep Jungle: All Luglox Chests Locations

Outskirts: All Luglox Chest Location

Jungle Clearing: All Luglox Chests Locations

Upper Valley: All Luglox Chests Locations

Dreg Town: All Luglox Chests Locations


All Pipe Puzzle Solutions | How to Help Dr. Joopy

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