Final Fantasy 16: All Hunt Board and All Notorious Mark Hunt Locations

This article will guide you through all the Notorious Mark Hunt Locations in Final Fantasy 16. On the Hunt Board, you’ll find flyers from concerned citizens regarding dangerous monsters roaming Valisthea

C-Rank Notorious Marks

Ahriman – They are located southwest of Martha’s Rest in the Sorrowise area and appears as part of the main story

The Angel of Death – Aruna

Soul Stingers


The Pack

B-Rank Notorious Marks




A Hill to Die On – Fastitocalon

The Ten of Clubs

Dozmare – Griffin

Bomb King


Gorgimera – The Tricephalic Terror

Holy Trumpitour – The Man in Black 

A-Rank Notorious Marks

Muddy Murder – Flan Prince

The Nine of Knives

The Mageth Brothers

Dread Comet




Prince of Death – The Grim Reaper

Knight of the Splendent Heart

Gizamaluk – The Wailing Banshee

Thanatos – Usher to the Underworld

Terminus – The Blood Moon

Kuza Beast

S-Rank Notorious Marks

The Breaker of Worlds – Atlas

Ruin Reawakened – Svarog


Behemoth King – The Masterless Marauder 

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