Star Wars Jedi Survivor: Walkthrough

Star Wars Jedi Survivor is a third-person Action-Adventure game, released on 28th April 2023. In the game you play as a Jedi Knight, fighting against the empire. It is a big open-world game. Other that the main story quests, the game also consists of several side quests (Rumors). This guide shows the list of all main quests and side quests in the game.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor: List of Main Quests

Pursue The Senator’s Yacht (Video)

Board The Senator’s Yacht (Video)

Reunite With Your Crew At The Yacht

Escape Undercity Meats (Video)

Find Greez

Bring Gyro Module To Greez

Open The Forest Gate

Reach The Forest Array

Leave The Forest Array

Check On The Mantis

Rendezvous With Cere’s Contact

Travel To Cere’s Base

Reach The Spamels

Travel To Cere’s Base

Research Tanalorr On The Shattered Moon (Video)

Research Tanalorr On Koboh Via The Stone Spires

Show Research to Cordova on Jedha (Video) 

Reach Pilgrim’s Sanctuary

Locate Brother Armias

Bring Contact Codes To Cere (Video)

Rescue Zee From The Lucrehulk

Pursue Rayvis

Check On Cordova’s Progress

Confront Dagan At Koboh Observatory

Climb Mountain To Observatory

Align Arrays At Koboh Control Center

Star Wars Jedi Survivor: All Rumors

Visit Doma’s Shop

Investigate The Roller Mine Factory

Investigate The Raider Watchtower

Find Missing Prospectors

Investigate The Abandoned Shack

Find the Gorge’s Secret

Investigate the Central Valley Facility

Find the Musician & Their Droid (Recruit Ashe Javi DD-EC)

Use The Saloon’s Jukebox

Recruit the Mysterious Fisherman (Recruit Skoova)

Check out the Saloon’s Aquarium

Locate The Odd Pair Rumor (Recruit Bhima and Tulli)

Play a Holotactics Game

Visit Zee’s Shop

Check on the Jawa Settlement (Recruit Jawa)

Defeat The Vile Bilemaw

Defeat the Mire Terror

Defeat the Gorocco Matriarch

Speak To Caij About Bounty Hunting

Investigate Dredger Gorge’s Rusted Elevator

Explore the High Republic Chamber in the Forest

Explore the High Republic Chamber on the Mountain

Explore The High Republic Chamber In The Swamp

Explore The High Republic Chamber Hidden In The Valley

Explore The High Republic Chamber In The Valley

Help Zygg In The Swamp (Recruit Zygg and Wini)

Check in with Pili (Recruit Pili)

Visit the Saloon’s Garden

Recruit Pit Droid (Recruitment)

Recruit Toa (Recruitment)

Recruit T-1N8 (Recruitment)

Find Kip Ostar Bounty Hunter

Find Selfin Jook Bounty Hunter

Find Vaslyn Martz Bounty Hunter

Find Raz Bounty Hunter

Find Jo The Cannibal Bounty Hunter

Find Meyen Corr Bounty Hunter

Caij Vanda: After finding all Bounty Hunters

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