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Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom: All 152 Shrine

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is an open-world action-adventure game, released on 12th May 2023. It is a vast game consisting of several main adventures, side adventures, and side quests. The game also consists of 152 Shrines. Shrines are puzzle rooms, in which you use Link’s ability to solve the puzzles to reach the Light of Blessing. The shrine completes after you have got the Light of Blessing. Every Shrine also contains 1 or 2 chests. This guide shows the area-wise list of all 152 Shrines in the game along with their walkthrough.

Area Wise List of Shrines

Central Hyrule – Surface

Ishodag Shrine
Jiosin Shrine
Kamizun Shrine
Kiuyoyou Shrine
Kyokugon Shrine
Kyononis Shrine
Jojon Shrine
Mayachin Shrine
Morok Shrine
Ren-iz Shrine
Riogok Shrine
Sinakawak Shrine
Sepapa Shrine
Serutabomac Shrine
Sonapan Shrine
Susuyai Shrine
Tadarok Shrine
Tajikats Shrine
Taki-ihaban Shrine
Teniten Shrine
Tenmaten Shrine
Tukarok Shrine
Turakawak Shrine
Tsutsu-um Shrine
Usazum Shrine
Yamiyo Shrine

Central Hyrule – Sky

Gutanbac Shrine
In-Isa Shrine
Jinodok Shrine
Nachoyah Shrine
Ukouh Shrine
Taunhiy Shrine

Hebra – Surface

Eutoum Shrine
Gasas Shrine
Gatakis Shrine
Ikatak Shrine
Iun-orok Shrine
Makurukis Shrine
Mayaotaki Shrine
Mayausiy Shrine
Nouda Shrine
Oshozan-u Shrine
Oromuwak Shrine
Orochium Shrine
Otak Shrine
Runakit Shrine
Rutafu-um Shrine
Sahirow Shrine
Sisuran Shrine
Tauyosipun Shrine
Wao-os Shrine

Hebra – Sky

Ga-ahisas Shrine
Ganos Shrine
Ijo-o Shrine
Kahatanaum Shrine
Mayaumekis Shrine
Taninoud Shrine
Taunhiy Shrine
Tenbez Shrine

Eldin – Surface

Ekochiu Shrine
Isisim Shrine
Kikakin Shrine
Kimayat Shrine
Kisinona Shrine
Jiotak Shrine
Marakuguc Shrine
Mayak Shrine
Minetak Shrine
Momosik Shrine
Moshapin Shrine
Musanokir Shrine
Ninjis Shrine
Pupunke Shrine
Sakunbomar Shrine
Sibajitak Shrine
Sikukuu Shrine
Sitsum Shrine
Timawak Shrine

Eldin – Sky

Kadaunar Shrine
Mayam Shrine
Simosiwak Shrine

Akkala – Surface

Gemimik Shrine
Igashuk Shrine
Kamatukis Shrine
Mayachideg Shrine
Jochi-iu Shrine
Rasiwak Shrine
Sinatanika Shrine

Akkala – Sky

Gikaku Shrine
Mogisari Shrine
Natak Shrine

Lanayru – Surface

Apogek Shrine
Domizuin Shrine
Gatanisis Shrine
Ihen-a Shrine
Jochi-ihiga Shrine
Joniu Shrine
Jonsau Shrine
Maoikes Shrine
Mogawak Shrine
Rasitakiwak Shrine
Yomizuk Shrine

Lanayru – Sky

Igoshon Shrine
Jirutagumac Shrine
Mayanas Shrine
Sihajog Shrine

Necluda – Surface

Anedamimik Shrine
Bamitok Shrine
Eshos Shrine
Kurakat Shrine
Jochisiu Shrine
Jikais Shrine
Jogou Shrine
Makasura Shrine
Marari-in Shrine
Mayahisik Shrine
O-ogim Shrine
Sifumim Shrine
Tokiy Shrine
Zakusu Shrine
Zanmik Shrine

Necluda – Sky

Josiu Shrine
Kumamayn Shrine
Ukoojisi Shrine
Yansamin Shrine

Faron – Surface

En-oma Shrine
Ishokin Shrine
Jiukoum Shrine
Joju-u-u Shrine
Susub Shrine
Utojis Shrine
Utsushok Shrine

Faron – Sky

Joku-u Shrine
Joku-usin Shrine

Gerudo – Surface

Chichim Shrine
Irasak Shrine
Karahatag Shrine
Kitawak Shrine
Kudanisar Shrine
Mayamats Shrine
Mayatat Shrine
Miryotanog Shrine
Motsusis Shrine
Otutsum Shrine
Rakakudaj Shrine
Rotsumamu Shrine
Siwakama Shrine
Soryotanog Shrine
Suariwak Shrine
Turakamik Shrine

Gerudo – Sky

Mayasiar Shrine
Rakashog Shrine
Siyamotsus Shrine

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