All Collectibles Locations Guide | God of War Ragnarok

This collectibles guide shows all collectibles in each area of the God of War Ragnarok. Below is the list of all the available collectibles


Aurvangar Wetlands


Sverd Sands

Alberich Hollow

Modvitnir’s Rig

The Watchtower

Radsvinn’s Rig

Althjof’s Rig

Alberich Island

Lyngbakr Island

Dragon Beach

Myrkr Tunnels

The Forge

The Applecore

Jarnsmida Pitmines


Well of Urd

Shores of Nine

The Oarsmen

Raider Hideout

Raider Stronghold

Raider Fort

Raider Keep

The Derelict Outpost

The Lost Treasury

Lake of Nine

Sanctuary Grove

The Eternal Campfire

King’s Grave


Burning Cliffs

Surtr’s Forge

The Crucible


Angrboda’s Treehouse – It contains only 1 collectible (Nine Realms in Bloom – Ironbell)


The Gleaming Bale


Hel’s Perch


The Southern Wilds

Freyr’s Camp

Eastern Barri Woods

The Abandoned Village

Pilgrim’s Landing

Noatun’s Garden

Cliffside Ruins

The Veiled Passage

Goddess Falls

Vanir Shrine

River Delta

Western Barri Woods

The Jungle (The Crater)

The Sinkholes (The Crater)

The Plains (The Crater)


The Strond

Temple of Light

The Canyons

The Below

The Barrens

The Burrows

The Forbidden Sands


Mist Fields

The Raven Tree

Aesir Prison Wreckage


No Collectibles in this region

Sindri’s House

No Collectibles in this region

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